Trustees and Board Governance

The Firm provides regular board counsel and preventive training to board members regarding all aspects of governance, including open meetings, conflicts of interest, parliamentary procedure, superintendent evaluations, and goal setting.

Trustees and Board Governance

Firm attorneys are experienced in Lone Star Governance training principles and are TEA-certified providers for the SB 1566 trainings required for completion by trustees every two years. Additionally, our Firm provides regular policy development assistance to clients, including drafting new and revised policies, working with policy consultants, and assisting with Board review and adoption.

The Firm’s attorneys regularly assist school boards with the Superintendent evaluation process. We have also provided Superintendent search services to a number of Boards, including handling the search process start to finish – from accepting the applications, through the interview process, to negotiating a Superintendent contract with the chosen candidate. Our Firm understands the value of a productive working relationship between a Board and its Superintendent and are particularly skilled at helping navigate the challenges of that complex relationship.

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